Just a quick word to let you know, my bathroom entry for the multi-round contest the “Design Project” contest—hosted by ABC Magazine—was declared the winner.  The top 6 entries were a point or less apart, a very tight round.

For those who are just coming in, the “Design Project” is a decorating contest styled after HGTV’s Design Star, with multiple rounds.  There are no eliminations, however 4 judges issue scores based on a variety of consistent criteria every round.

In Round 3, the kitchen/dining room challenge, I ended up almost dead last, while my friend missroxor won for the third time in a row.  Her round 4 entry was, in my opinion, fully deserving of a win as well.  I’m honored (and a little humbled, given the quality of the entries this round) to have won this one.

Ok, ok… YIPEE!

Many thanks to the TSS/MTS friends who offered feedback.

In other news, today I was working on my Bed & Breakfast entry, trying really hard to make the deadline… only to realize (many hours later) that the B&B isn’t due until next week;  “Boo!” is due tomorrow.  So now I have to backtrack and work on that one, hoping that I’ll make the deadline.  Here’s to meeting deadlines at the last minute!