I am unbelievably late on this, it’s not really news, but I can’t have a Sims 3 blog without mentioning it, so here I am.

The newest Sims 3 expansion pack (EP), “The Sims 3: Pets” came out on Monday in the U.S., and I believe yesterday in the UK.  For months, Simmers the world over have been anticipating the release of this latest EP. Finally, the Sims 3 has pets! All previous versions of The Sims had pets… eventually.  At last, this is no exception.  Sims can have cats, dogs, horses, and (for those who purchased the game under special circumstances), other weird and wonderful mythical creatures.

For the first time, however, players can not only create a pet just the way they want in the Create a Sim interface, but they can play as the pet in question, controlling their every move.

That’s innovative!

Unfortunately for me, at this time I don’t anticipate having “Sims 3: Pets” anytime soon.  When I do, I guess I’ll have a lot more to show you in my portfolio.  Fortunately for me, I didn’t spend the $40 for the game: like every single EA Sims release, there have been problems with the rollout which would severely affect my builds, namely items that Sims interact with, from doors to tables, have experienced what can best be described as glitches.  Sims will walk through doors, for instance: the door animation simply doesn’t work.

I have heard reports that those glitches have since been fixed, but you can imagine the disappointment of people who spent what really is a lot of money, finding themselves with a defective product.  Tsk tsk EA!

Anyway, that’s what’s new lately in Sim Nation.

How about you, are you playing “Sims 3: Pets”?  Tell me your impressions.