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Meet Ebony Tourmaline.  She was created for a gem inspired contest on TheSims3.com.  The idea was to pick a semi precious gemstone, and create a Sim that matched the purported properties of that stone.  I picked the tourmaline, one of my favorite stones after the tiger’s eye (which a faster contestant than I snagged lickedy split!)

In any case, after reading the information below, I created Ebony.

Native Americans used [black tourmaline] as a protective stone against negative spells…but when found included in Quartz, it not only breaks the spell, but has been known to energize the “victim” and actually enhance well-being! […] Working like a lightning conductor, Black Tourmaline dispels the negativity and protects against harmful energies such as anger, envy, and greed.

It’s metaphysical properties include grounding (it’s associated element is earth), protection, and it increases physical vitality.
It is also said to relieve stress, clear confusion, and increase one’s sense of purpose.

Ebony Tourmaline is a woman who has always had her feet firmly planted to the ground, even as a child. A natural protector, she donates generously to charity, and has always envisioned herself as a hero.

Determined to protect against evil, she takes good care of herself: she’s a vegetarian, a practitioner of both Tai Chi and yoga, and hopes to become an international super spy.

Her favorites include: classical music, autumn salad, and the color green.


  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Good
  • Green Thumb
  • Vegetarian
  • Athletic
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