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 This is the kitchen/dining area before.  The challenge in this part of the competition is to renovate it completely.  The homeowner, as the backstory does, inherited the house when her parents died, and she wants to modernize this area.  However, she wants a specific color palette used.

It’s a beautiful palette, really.  However, avoiding the temptation of doing sand walls with blue and maroon or aubergine accents (which is definitely the natural, normal, even standard way to go with such saturated colors) proved a little difficult.  I found it hard to get inspired by this particular challenge, and it showed in the final results:  I ended up second-to-last.  Ouch!

Personally, I kind of fell in love with what I did.  It was bold and risky and highly unusual.  It certainly was unexpected, and that’s what I wanted to do most.

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