First off, I apologize for this being so late:  This part of the challenge ended two weeks ago!

Anyway, this is part two of the Design Project contest, styled after HGTV’s “Design Star”.  This time, we had a fairly plain bedroom with a few required elements, but no restrictions on color.  Should be simple, right?


The room was actually large enough to turn into a full bedroom suite… so I did just that.  This time, I was going for something less modern.  My original intention was to go more traditional.  However, I positively *hate* most of the items in the base game, because they’re either mostly modern in styling, or too obviously another style, such as mission.  Not what I wanted.

Finally, I settled for something contemporary.  Sort of. I fell in love with these colors and patterns, but when I tried to break it up with a color wall, some of the judges didn’t like that.

One more thing: one of the requirements was to use MOO: Move Objects On, a technique that allows the merging of more than one item together.  I used it on curtains, a couch and loveseat I turned into a sectional, and the bathroom counters, which I merged with a decorative shelving unit and a functional dresser.  I had a lot of fun being creative there!


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