I’m participating in several contests this month, some of which have tight deadlines.  I’ve already begun work or even submitted some at this time, which is why I haven’t posted about them before.

Custom Sims 3′ “BOO!” contest is due October 24, and has an obvious Halloween theme.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There are two contests on the official Sims 3 forum.  The first is a “Design Star” inspired contest sponsored by ABC Magazine.  We have already moved from round 1 (where I finished in the top 10, out of 20 entrants).  There are no eliminations; instead, I suspect the results from each round are totaled, therefore allowing someone to shine where they usually succeed and still have a chance where they’re not so proficient.  Lots of fun on this one!  All rounds should be complete by October 27, the day before the magazine publishes its next issue.

What a Gem!” is a twist on the usual, and my first CAS (Create-a-Sim) contest, based on gem stones (I chose Tourmaline).  That one’s due November 5.  I haven’t begun that one yet, I probably won’t get to it until nearly the last minute.

One more contest, “Bed & Breakfast”, hosted by Dora on Black Pearl Sims, is already in progress.  I’m excited about that, because I’m basing it loosely on a local, well-known and much loved B&B.  This one is due October 31.

Now, in previous contests:  All the results aren’t in yet, but in “Where did everybody go?”, it looks as though I may be tied with a last minute entrant (and a new Sim Supply friend) for first place: we each have, at this time, 27.27% of the votes.

“The worst we have to offer” is giving  my Mod the Sims friend MissRoxor the clear win of the agent’s write-up, and she is tied for first place on her build, each of them having 33.33% of the votes.  I didn’t even get a vote for my house, and had to vote for myself for the write-up.  I hope that means I *can’t* do a bad build!

Finally, I did not win the Moving on Up contest, judges having chosen two other terrific entries.  I think I lost this one partly because my color scheme (which was a requirement) didn’t show up as I had expected.  Oh well…