Well this one didn’t go so well!  If this were an elimination contest, I’d be outta there: I had the second-lowest score.  Ouch!

Here is the scoring.

Judge 1 –

  • Creativity: 8/10;
  •  Use of Color: 7/10;
  • Screenshots: 8/10;
  •  Overall Design: 7/10.
  •  Total: 30/40.
  • Comments: I like the drapes and arches leading to the bedroom. I think the sectional seating is clever and looks good. For the bathroom, instead of half walls to section off the toilet, maybe would have been better to make it closed with walls and a door. Not too crazy about having two different brick/stone textures used on the bathroom walls. I would’ve used the top one on the bottom section, and then maybe a high gloss paint or a simple wallpaper for the top section. Overall, nice job!

Judge 2 –

  • Creativity: 8/10;
  • Use of Color: 9/10;
  • Screenshots: 9/10;
  • Overall Design: 8/10.
  • Total: 34/40.
  • I like the colors you chose and your use MOO. I also like that you added a small entry way from the door with the bookshelf and rug, but it would have been better had you turned the bookshelf the other way so that it’s functional.

Judge 3 –

  • Creativity: 8/10;
  • Use of Colour: 8/10;
  • Screenshots: 10/10;
  • Overall Design: 8/10;
  • Total: 34/40.
  • Nice set of rooms. I would like to have seen a little more CAS used. Partically with things such as the desk and bookcase so that they look like one object. I would be careful with mixing traditional (the bed) with more contemporary styles (the lamps and sofa etc) they don’t always work and in this case they are not working for me. Same the desk, modern desk fused with a more traditional looking bookcase, looks off. I would also have liked the bookcase to be useable. I like the bathroom. It has a nice feel.

Judge 4 –

  • Creativity: 7/10;
  • Use of Color: 6/10;
  • Screenshots: 5/10;
  • Overall Design: 8/10.
  • Total: 26/40.
  • I liked the layout of room. It’s very modern looking and makes the room look bigger. My tip for you is to work on your color palette (sorry if I spelled that wrong lol) I saw a lot of colors and patterns and it was hard to find balance in your room. If you’re going to use a lot of patterns try to make them match a little. Maybe a joining colors in them or something to connect them. Good try though.

I don’t know what room Judge 4 was looking at, though, other than white and wood (both neutrals), there were exactly 2 colors: the navy blue, and that golden wheat, that’s it!  Same with the patterns: other than the bathroom, which had essentially marbles everywhere, the rest was a dual-toned room.  the curtains had that big bold pattern… in the same colors as everything else, so… *shrug*  Ah well!  It wasn’t my best room ever, I just think that wasn’t the correct score.