I am currently wrapping up three projects at the same time, two contests at iPlaySims, and one at Black Pearl Sims.

In the first one, titled “Where’d Everybody Go”, we’ve been commissioned to finish the work of a previous builder who up and disappeared after starting construction on his customer’s new house. I chose to go a little Spanish. As you’ve seen from my previous work, this is the first time I do anything not modern or contemporary.

“The Worst We Have to Offer” is a whole different ball game. Rather than making he prettiest house we can, the challenge here is to make it as ugly as possible, to experiment with what we know isn’t going to look good.

Finally, from Black Pearl Sims, “Moving on Up” challenges us to build “up”, that is, design and build a house 3 stories tall or more. I chose a backstory of an old brick building on a fairly narrow lot downtown, converted to housing, then expanded up because there isn’t enough land side-to-side to expand outwards.

All three of these are wrapping up tomorrow or Saturday, so I’m going back to finish them off, but first, a little preview:

Moving on Up

Moving on Up: a three story downtown building conversion

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Where'd Everybody Go?

Where'd Everybody Go? bringing a new builder/contractor onto the job site