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The idea behind this contest at iPlaySims is a two parter. First:

[…]not to make a pretty house. […] We aren’t trying to build beautiful here. Nope, what we want is BAD. Monstrosities. Horrible horrible houses! Absolute nightmares!
Your goal is to build the worst house you possibly can. Bad floor plans, mismatched furniture, clashing colours, horrible roofs. Go mad! Go crazy! Do all those things you just know are going to turn out wrong.

I didn’t do nearly as well with this one: although the layout is a bit awkward, I’m not sure you could call the decor “clashing” or “horrible” or “monstruous”. Couldn’t keep from making it kinda cute, I thought. What I ended up with is something I think most people could look at and think “Oh I can fix this up! A little paint here, expand a wall there… not too bad!” Still, I called it the Ugly Duckling, because to me, it clearly has potential to be a wondrous swan.

You will note, however, that it is actually quite dark: there are way too few windows in this house!

The second part is to create an “ad” for it meant to entice a potential buyer and help him or her see the beauty behind the ugly. I describe the Ugly Duckling this way:

This cheery cottage is a cozy 2 br, 1 bath. It boasts a large master bedroom with spacious walk-in closet and private dressing room. Even the second room has a walk-in closet. Bright colors liven up every room in the house, with sea-inspired colors in the pass-through, galley kitchen, a bright, sunshiny living/office space, and decor reminiscent of Asia in the bedrooms. This house is a real gem!

Take a look, then answer the poll question!
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