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The Hangout: a Sims 3 community lotThis is one of the funnest builds I’ve come across so far. It was also my first community lot.

The idea of this Custom Sims 3 contest was to build a community lot designed to give the youth (generally defined as being teenagers) a place to go hang out. In the contest’s back story, the town’s citizens are at their wits’ end:

lately…our kids have gone bonkers! A number of residents say they will just scream out loud if they find one more burning brown paper bag in front of their doorstep. And don’t those kids know eggs are for omelets?

However, county ordinance requires all new community lots to include activities for all ages; therefore I created something everyone could enjoy, while tailoring most of the property for the needs and interests of most teens. There are no computers (they spend way too much time connected, plugged in, and online as it is!); instead, the focus is on community areas and human interaction. From the sitting areas to the pool and picnic area, to the theater in the basement, this lot is designed to encourage groups of teens to hang out together.

“The Hangout” ended up winning first prize! In the congratulatory notes, fellow builder Regina said:

I loved the exterior, very relaxing to look at. Then you added so many different activities but they’re well-spaced, as in several Sims could be on that lot and there would easily be room for all of them. The colors in the playroom area make it feel warm and inviting. The back patio with the fountain is just awesome, then there’s the pool which I really love. The whole lot looks extremely well planned.

Thanks, Regina! That’s exactly what I was going for!

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