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This remodel of “Low Fat Ranch”, a default Sims 3 house in Sunset Valley (base game), was built for an iPlaySims contest.  Sam and Dina’s family is growing, and they need a slightly larger house, or a new configuration of the interior.  With a budget of  §10,000, they also want a laundry room (going to the laundromat with two children, one of them under the age of 1, is quite a chore!), and another bedroom.  The existing bathroom had to remain where it was, though its size could be changed.  Permission was given to either build up or out, though the original structure had to remain the same (no removal of external walls).

I chose to tuck in a small bedroom for their young son on part of the back deck, re-tiled the kitchen, put in a small bathroom near the front entrance (which also balanced the facade of the house a little), and redecorated the master bath.  The nursery, which used to be the older boy’s room, got a little smaller to make room for the new bath and laundry room, but redecorated in dynamic colors.  Here is “Ranch Lite”:

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